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    It's a killer and it's prowls
    Night after night
    It's murderer in the vault
    It lives for a fight
    It's a story of soul
    That has come for revenge
    On murderous grounds he
    Seeks his victims for the night
    Listen to the night for
    The shout of the skull
    It's the call of death's return
    And the vengeance of the God
    It's a bad land and the
    Storm comes to chill
    It's a passage and the killer
    Feels remorse to kill in fear
    It's a victims who fixes the man with hate
    A dead man drives crime in his
    Fate so near
    In the black vault the strange
    Spirit commands the victims soul
    To return in his body and to
    Revenge his bloody murder so cold
    On the screaming place
    Mad spirit reighs with his killing soul
    On his crazy face the vengeance
    Makes it's course with fever...
    In vaults.

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