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    Delivering the noise to keep
    My head red hot
    Riding in the long run
    I get the energy
    Tonight let's go I'm here
    To feel my suicide
    We turn it on
    And you'll be going crazy
    The electricity is in the air to shock
    Breaking into shivers
    If you want disorder
    They're many maniacs here
    The shit is just beginning
    It will be long before
    We see posers again
    Bite kill rush skulk and there's
    No chance to save your cracked brain
    Burn, slam shout scream the end is
    Always near I want to drop my pill
    I'm gonna tear some wimp
    Rockers limb from limb
    Running the speed in blood
    Blowing my ears with noise
    In this place everybody becomes mummified
    I don't know why but it's sure
    We're the violators
    Anyway I shall go whither fate leads me
    In some place they locked at
    Us in wide mouthed
    Maybe because we are heavier
    Than all destructors
    It's a lot of fuss and you don't have a choice
    Ah! Ah! The riff came full putch at my head
    Do you like it?
    You got a brain damage
    It's the ripping headaches
    I'm still smashing and
    My body is doing bad
    We don't care and you know
    All the world will die

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