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    You don't decide

    What's wrong, what's right

    You can't define what's good, what's not

    You have to hide all your feelings

    Having opinions can be your worst enemy

    You will respond without asking

    You will perform like all of them

    You will behave as predicted

    Being a rebel, and it's the purgatory

    What about your ego

    How did it end up so low

    You have been robotized

    It's what you eat, it's what you wear

    Look around you, it's everywhere

    In every action, in every move

    A vague impression, having the right to choose

    What about your ego

    How did it end up so low

    Like a seed, it will grow

    In your head, it will glow

    You have been robotized

    You wear the freedom while a child is working

    You taste a kingdom while the trees are falling

    Loud voice and clear messages

    The demons are so creative

    There is a little matrix in everyone

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