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    Another emergency truck keeps rolling fast
    Two lane highway and they run on the wrong track
    You still don't know that you're never going back
    You're going to the science hospital
    You guess that your body is still alive
    They estimate you're in pretty good health
    Good shape for some of our sadistic tests
    Doctor said you must stay in bed
    Surgical scourge on you
    Surgical scourge on you
    Electric shock through you
    Electric shock through you
    Feel the scalpel they cut you with
    Going into the experimental room
    How much radiation can your body stand?
    You did very well, you'll feel better soon
    The red cross is turning black
    Wake up in another department
    You see the nurse with blood on her clothes
    They got another experience for today
    Maybe the worst of them
    Diagnosing the pain, the ravenous medicine
    Discovering the cure, the ravenous medicine
    Died through illness, the ravenous medicine
    Don't care how many organs you gave
    Injecting the drugs
    'Till you become the slave
    Turn off the machine that keeps your heart beating
    They're gonna do it to you

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