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    It's coming over you!!
    Can you see the phosphorescence of the factory
    Moving away, out of this territory
    The systems became overload
    The warning lights were on that  night
    Nobody knew what was going on
    But it will be here for months
    Or even years
    It's coming over me !!
    The ugly underside of the nuclear energy
    Brings us today this atomic calamity
    The malfunction of the instruments
    For this blunders we have to go to hell
    It's coming over us
    Don't be scared, the engines exploded
    But it's just a technological risk
    And this thing will continue throughout the ages,
    the evolution can't run without damage
    Mother nature can't hear you
    The China Syndrome will die much later than you....
    The China Syndrome...
    In the air, it smells bad,
    Feel the disease, the nuclearchy
    We're lucky, we'll die young
    It's hard to endure, to be a mutant
    The transformation, is almost complete
    Research has no end, containing the power
    The dangerous results, it's not our fault
    Create the force, we got no fear
    Lock the doors, we're engineers
    Awaiting to suffocate, purchasing the program
    Vomiting the pollution, of energy games
    Create the force, we got no fear
    Lock the doors, we're engineers
    Welcome to the China Syndrome
    It's an over...Overreaction

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