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    The men in the black forces
    Listen to your conscience
    Stopping the evolution
    The books are the essence
    United to burn anything that can make a stand
    The church is an empire, the no way direction
    No matter what you say
    They run completely blind
    No matter what you wrote
    Shut up you lie !
    And the books are burning hard
    Your mind is running slow
    Your mind is running slow
    Your mind is running slow
    Light up a fire in the middle of the city
    Burning all the thoughts
    Of those who got some ideas
    The mission will continue throughout time
    Manipulation of all fragile minds
    Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn!...
    Down! Down! Down! Down!...
    Don't want to endure it anymore
    Much too radical
    The future intelligence falls into enemy hands
    Don't want to hear it anymore
    Much too political
    Spending the time in ignorance
    Computers blow up
    By the shock of the present
    The blackguards control
    The blackguards control
    The blackguards control

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