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    Fast and pure desolation
    Lust the blood in my brain
    Hard and dry destruction
    Wet under the neutron rain
    Die in this Holocaust
    Scream the deflect attack
    Burn before we reload
    Strees before...
    The power blast

    WAR! A command for blood
    We scream
    DIE! Nothing less than
    death we creep

    Storm the only weather
    Start the directives assassins
    Warm inside the under shelter
    Wait and fell your broiling skin

    Hot oz one disappear
    Blight in the atomic detention
    Rats it's a survival breed
    Destroy with deflagration

    I have one track it's to kill
    You'll never stop me
    Running my evil way
    With radioactivity
    My machine comes at night
    Missiles they stike
    Save your life in the dark
    For the loud attack
    Hey! nuclear war!
    I'm realy up tonite
    For my last ride
    Never returning at home
    I'm gonna die
    The war machine is not save
    And i can't escape
    When the bombs will hit
    My face, It will drive me insane

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