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    Sleeping sky
    Winding walk
    Breezing by
    Ravaged rock
    Swarming locust-land
    Spiders spinning sand
    Grubbing enterprise
    No time to reply

    Down, down
    Far underground
    Prime spot
    Sound, sound
    Ten thousand mounds

    Stupendous flaking fume
    Tremendous dancing doom
    Smoke stack spill
    Momentous reeking ooze
    Enormous creaking crew
    Neuro-link dementing
    Limbo-Inc. Amnesia

    I did, I didn't know
    I think, I should go, go!
    Doxite double-wind
    Forgetful retry
    Aphasic clouded cult
    Synaptic planet pulse
    Lost engram

    Ellusive mythic doubt
    Reactive spastic pause
    Which was right
    Who knows when
    Where was that?
    Do I know how
    Where to go now
    Mother lose out

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