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    Armed with a knife in hand
    This is my law
    Flowing blood on the end
    Drink it, drink all
    Brought up in hell
    Depends on action in agony
    Gaining force casting spell
    Enduring death

    Aahhh! Never die young
    Fight for my sound
    Ooohh! Betrayers keep out
    Of my sight

    Live for violence
    Yes I live for violence
    In the midst of attack
    Warrior we fight
    Like a savage in a cage
    See it, see me
    I keep my distance
    For my self preservetion
    Dead line to meet
    Beholder I'm in pain
    Cold blooded war

    Manipulating all
    Battle controls

    The Violence is loose
    Adenalin shoots
    You make me high unwittingly
    We whip the flesh
    We give you the best
    Destroyer call
    Not bad after all...
    In the midst of attack
    Warriors we fight...
    Manipulating all
    Battle controls

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