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    I'm going to the bridge tonight
    Venus shines so ever bright
    Deep in the woods under the stars
    How did I come to get this fa
    Have this feeling...what will I find
    Around the corner of my mind?

    A thousand trees of creeping sin
    Dead leaves blowing in the wind
    I'm whistling an old melody
    To keep the beast away from me
    I hear the call of croaking frogs
    Answering me lost in the fog
    I tell myself, everything's fine
    Here in these woods, for the first time

    Uh, ohh!

    Out in the dark, a shadow sound
    Fear to look, but turn around
    I realize I'm face to face
    Two yellow eyes, an evil gaze
    Ugly blood hound, no wagging tail
    How long has he been on my trail?
    Down to the bridge, he's leading me
    What is it he wants me to see?

    Uh, ohh!

    Already we've arrived, Here I am
    There's the bridge, Where's the man, What a scam!
    That story 'bout the bridge isn't true
    I'm enjoying myself, what a view!

    They say the bridge is not what it is

    No one ever comes they say
    What could happen to me, anyway?
    >From away, a tall man comes to me...
    Has he been here waiting...just for me?

    He says there's no more fishing in the lake
    But one thing for sure...I'm the catch of the day!

    This is what happens
    When one looks for gold
    Turn'd into gray stone
    And down deep you are thrown!!

    All this is over (X4

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