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    There is a new killer in the line
    Of the host
    He catches his victims and let
    Them fall into decay
    It's the law of the jungle
    One or the other must die
    Awaiting unavoidable death in the hole
    If you need the horrors of war
    See Korgull
    The nebulous prowler will come to
    Take you and exterminate your life
    You take your chance but the
    Sky is clouding over
    You wanna be out but nobody
    Lets you go away
    The grand master of fast purification
    Know that you'll never survive
    Korgull, Korgull is here, I'm
    Expose to the direct danger
    I'm hearing the echoes of the battle
    Korgull walks along the land
    He kills and terrorizes me
    Awaiting reinforcements
    Rematerialize in nothingness
    I am not out to reform this world
    Just to fight with this creature
    I saw him with my own two eyes
    He was coming from other worldly
    With his vitreous eyes that fix me
    It's too late
    Korgull rules the earth

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