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    In my backyard
    Sounds turn around
    Down fall apart
    In my playground
    In my dome on my own
    A locked throught in a closet
    Splinter moves, cracking moans
    Dank angles in the attic
    Sixth sense stockpiled
    In the cellar
    And the ladder is broken

    Memories sleep in dust
    This shelter is doubtful
    Blind windows, flat eyes
    Stitched tight into time
    Til I rise unbound
    Transient illusion
    Clairvoyant suspension
    Translucid condition
    Principal connection

    Rise high, rise higher
    Shing shallow spirit shadows
    Tumult in the dark
    Telestrobic heart
    Murmur of the muse
    Whispering amused
    Fulfilling this square
    Circled in my lair
    Am I not awake
    This ever forever

    Perhaps faulty premonition
    Perhaps this doesn't change anything
    But for certain
    I will be hanging around
    Nether falling
    Wisdom's dipping
    Spiral stairway
    Logic's dripping
    Silent squeeze, shrinking scene
    This remains my domain
    Grave intrigue, I'm relieved
    All these stains left unnamed
    Grinches snicker, sneer at he
    Like grinning Cheshire cats
    Running amuck, mad, crazy
    This cuboid upside down cell

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