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    Mindless, now you will do as you're told

    Restore, worship the god of control

    Victims, helpless

    New Slave, brain dead

    Betray thy god

    Facing endless damnation

    Prepare, we'll have a new world our own

    Regress, withdraw and you'll burn alone

    Maintain respect

    Obey Insect

    Twisting your fate

    Facing endless salvation

    People from the outside

    Craving for utopia

    Nowhere near perfection

    Future desolation

    Join in now, join in now

    Join in now, join in now

    Promising heaven, celestial home

    Inside your head now, insect has grown

    There is no problem to analyse

    Leaving this wasteland towards the sky

    No need to worry, you're in the zone

    Mind control fury, whispering tone

    Overbearing manipulation

    Impure, sadness, manic depression

    Victims, helpless

    New slave, brain dead

    Betray thy god

    Facing endless damnation.

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