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    Aaaargh! Me and my guys
    Trying to keep it high
    We'll play all night for you
    I'm banging my head 'til I'm dead
    As long as you move
    We're on the fast way
    Delivering the best that I can
    Can you see what I'm doing
    Running from day to day
    Just to let it go
    C'mon move your assholes!
    Stand up! Right now! Kill off!
    Well I've got the command
    Did you understand
    Attacking is the only way to win
    Awaiting the warday and
    The inflammation
    You're the first who will be burning
    If you see the storm
    No time to go down
    That's way I'm screaming
    No pleasure the pain comes down here
    No return don't look back
    There's no tomorrow
    And if you're a fucker
    And don't believe it
    Fuck off and die!
    Yeah! I've got the control
    With my heart of stone
    I feel the hades in the air
    The vibration in my bones
    And the noise keeps the thrill
    The adventure has just begun
    No religion in this place
    You're waiting for that moment
    Forget it and don't loose your time
    Don't want to become like that
    There's many times to raise hell
    There's many ways to live your life
    Together we staying for yell
    Don't break your fever
    So if you need religion
    Or a God to believe
    So if you're a straight
    Guy in the high society
    If you are a looser or just
    A fuckin' wimp.....
    Fuck off and die

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