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    All systems go !!
    The jailship is flying high
    From the ground, to out of sight
    They pay their crimes, locked inside
    Where they go, the judge knows
    They did to many murders
    Then fell into the crater
    They made too many speeches
    Against what the people believe
    Getting the no limit sentence
    For them it's the last stop
    The treason made upon them
    Upset coz there's no way to return
    All systems go, blow the reactors
    But where do we go? We don't know!
    The prisoners, looking mad
    There's no color aboard this flight
    Computer station look them all
    Deep in the hole too many echoes
    The space jail center program
    Recorded, numbered, classified
    This bunch of desperate guys
    Changing to sub-rat humans
    And then in special cases
    You've gotta be quiet
    If you're not what they want
    They're gonna throw you out in space
    All systems go, blow the reactors
    But where do we go? We don't know!
    Cylindrical habitat modules
    Let me out of here, and I heard my name
    It's time they said ! Forgotten in space !
    Dressed with a skin tight pressure suit
    Swimming in the universe
    It's the best place you can be
    It's the last place you will be
    It's boring to spend time
    In the jail with no gravity
    Suspended in nothingness
    Awaiting your own liberty
    Just one hour, not  too much oxigen(2X)
    Hydrocarbonic smog, methane ice crystals
    Ultraviolet rays in the galaxy core
    Rotations and orbits of somebody
    Atoms and molecules through my body
    Just half an hour, not too much oxigen(2X)
    You're forgotten in space....In space!!

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