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    Why do you wish to live in an ideal world?

    Why do you think, that God will always be there?

    Is it so hard to see things like they are?

    Maybe one day, you'll stop living in a dream

    Maybe not

    Why religion, or magic or anything else?

    What do you mean, love is not all we need?

    Is it so hard to look at death every day?

    Maybe one day, you may say this is for real

    Maybe not

    Facing up

    Maybe not

    Facing up

    What if not?

    So many problems of science involved

    Complexity and basic principles

    Observations of the empty space

    Still searching for the final theory

    Yeah the final theory

    About our fate


    The dark energy

    Facing up

    Maybe not

    Facing up

    What if not?

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