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    Diamonds in the grass

    Ultra-violet rays

    Frosted like the flowers

    Insect comes alive

    Rise! From the ground up to the grey blue sky

    Yeah! Shine! Like a million pixels bursting in my eyes

    Good old radiation

    Passing through my skin

    Stardust medication

    I'm so energized

    Rise! Bring up all colors in the photosphere

    Yeah! Shine! Like atomic bombs blowing constantly

    Yeah! Ride! Make it all the way throughout this day

    Yeah! Die! Like every other star, one day you'll fade away

    Cosmic coincidence

    Working on the night shift

    One look to the moon

    Can't wait for tomorrow

    Missing all your light

    Rise! Give me just one chance to get out of here alive!

    On the dirty windows of this factory

    Yeah! Shine! Make the daily darkness go away

    Yeah! Die! But not before I've lived, but not before I fade

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