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    The rot set in, the rain came in
    Searching for a new anaesthesia
    Maybe it's time to throw in the towel
    I bought the cow, you get the milk for free
    Somebody down there likes me
    I admit I'm a misfit, you agree, I submit
    The night's decayed, the wind is hot
    I was born in the USA, I'm deformed by my DNA
    Fine example of this great nation
    Shrine to humiliation
    They said put yourself at my disposal
    You'll accept our proposal
    But I'm doomed to live
    Somebody down there likes me
    Cruelty can be unkind
    You try to think things are going fine
    Or it's a sign that you're going out of your mind
    So you submit, so you submit
    Don't no anything
    I don't say no to anything
    I admit I'm a misfit, I submit
    Paint thinner & snake juice
    It's water from the moon
    It's the teardrops of the angels
    The nectar of the gods
    So so many injections
    To handle each and every infection
    So many subliminal suggestions
    To the president of rejection, I submit
    Cruelty can be unkind, drive you out of your mind
    Or it's a sign that things are going fine
    I admit I'm unfit, I submit
    The DNA is DOA all across the USA
    Ne sais rien, je ne dis non a rien
    Does somebody out there like me?
    Have a nice day...

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