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    Lost in a shadow
    The planet rolls like a ball
    Darkness will follow
    And soon the whole thing will fall
    Coz now I'm able
    To see the little light
    Coz now I'm able
    To know what's in the sky
    Ground is shaking
    And it's still far away
    Sure it's coming
    The drama is on its way
    Coz this is much faster
    Than a runaway star
    Too brilliant
    To watch it with my eyes
    Radical abortion
    Impulsive conclusion
    All things good
    Get their end
    Even vast, no man's land
    Too many reasons
    Too much oppression
    My mind's mutation
    With my psychic power
    Imploring the quasar
    There is no freedom
    No satisfaction
    I want some action
    With my psychic power
    Everything is over
    That's why I do that
    That's why it's a fact
    Why do I regret
    Nothing better yet
    Sky is red and nature
    Falls in disgrace
    Space is dread
    There's no place to be safe
    The quasar is coming
    Ordered by my mind
    Spreading X-rays
    Making the system blind
    Astral rotation
    Turning the wrong way
    Solar collision
    Causing the end of this age
    Comets flying
    Emanating a gas
    Intoxicating every form of life
    For a lost dimension
    Have a wise solution
    Better now than never
    Don't need more, you neither

    The final process
    Hard and so complex
    Reverse the motion
    Adding some tension
    Setting the machine
    Awaiting to leave
    My bones and my soul
    On my way back home
    Have a look behind
    Nothing more to find

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