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    Living in a daze, beyond belief

    Withdrawn from all that I know

    Disturbed by darkened thoughts

    Of haunting agony, restrain the memorie

    Fearing for my life

    The government denies their sole existence

    But it's much too late for them

    Can't wait to see their faces

    When they arrive again

    Mental impairment, sanity lost, it's vanished away

    But all I know, the men in black

    Are secret spies, as the tension grows

    Deep down inside, I know they're coming for me

    For the 2nd time, I'm going, going away

    Why am I caught in this conspiracy

    Have to find a way

    Don't care what it takes

    I shall persevere

    Tell me why it is this way

    One more cosmic watergate

    Can't believe it's me, strange captivity

    Confused in this maze, no chance to escape

    As the end draws near

    New technology, high-tech slavery

    Horrid state control, truth is far behind

    Face the end of time

    Tell me why it is this way

    One more cosmic watergate

    Psychic war, deletion zone

    Future destiny unknown

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