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    Let me light the fire!
    Build your weapons
    These nations are overrun with you
    Out of nation
    To this end, we'll resist forever
    Ready to kill all thrashy gods
    With this machine cry out...FIRE!
    The kids speed along when
    The last night comes down
    I hear you win
    You break the sound barrier
    To race down the streets
    We hear you sharpen the weapons
    Tonight the killer will come
    With his smashing sound
    Tomorrow behind you
    Death will raise by your noise
    The steel will be sold
    Under the hammer
    We will stir heaven and earth
    You'll bump one's head on the stage
    And your music will be all the rage
    Suddenly a storm will
    Sweep this town
    The invaders and their
    Weapons will be back
    Move your ass build your kits
    And face death again
    At work to exist
    Don't need restrictions
    Raise the forceful fist
    Forge ahead with fun
    As long as I live
    I will cross our weapons
    To heat up the steel
    It's time for an ovation

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