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    to whom it may concern
    your well-known address
    again, with no answer
    to my last request
    disregard ink spots
    my presentation
    consider my clear thoughts
    my speculations

    what a warning
    the way you're talking
    I'm more than worried

    the sky is burning
    the clouds are falling
    I'm more than sorry

    you write me back
    blank empty words
    you don't write back

    acknowledge my statement
    a creased white receipt
    what a disappointment
    was I indiscreet?
    perhaps I'm impolite
    am I out of place?
    have I the right to write
    to express my case?

    the time is coming
    the world is dying
    I'm more than worried

    the clock is ticking
    real action's missing
    I'm more than sorry

    I stay well-behaved
    waiting for the mail
    best regards, good world

    I stay well-behaved
    well into my grave
    best regards, good world


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