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    A time for intervention, a dangerous juncture

    Flirting with disaster and each party is aware

    The safety net was set and structurally secure

    The holes in the rope made us all unsure

    A figment of imagination, sacrilegious self-creations

    Deity in your own mind, a road block for all mind kind

    Issues cling to you like glue, hard to fully undo

    Spread your seed like a disease anew

    Run away

    Shoot a sideways glance to the gallery

    The audience observes slightly sickened

    The faces in the window of the 2nd floor are pressed

    Up against the glass, tortured pleading

    Run away

    Hey! Hey! You're pushing this too far, you're digging out of greed

    You have to feel acceptance, you have your needs

    Hey! Hey! Boxes neatly labeled, fit perfectly in your trunk

    The rest will be mailed, this battleship is sunk

    You finally have your freedom but it's not what you deserve

    You made the bed you sleep in, live to preserve

    The tears are so sour and independence bittersweet

    Remember fondly your years and years of captivity

    Hey! Hey! Think of what you've done, think of what you've ruined

    "Merry Christmas Kids!" will carry like a burn

    Hey! Hey! Think of who you are, you are just a man

    You made today happen, got to remember the ten year plan

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