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    Midnight pass unto 3 a.m.
    This work in progress must be severed
    She was perfectly arranged
    Until we experienced interruption
    At this time tonight she's hiding for her life
    Powerless I'd still feel guilty
    Raise my hand, stand to defend
    But I may be just as dangerous

    I've never killed a man / But there's never a bad time to start / Hold your head high you are a proud man / Dust to dust buried in the sand

    She sings the words, she's never heard the song
    She could have written it in fact she's tried
    Hell hath no fury like emotional burn
    But we'll see when we get there
    Illuminated by interior lights
    The overhead it shows me what I need to see
    Take the present and slowly unwrap
    Power shifts away

    So how does betrayal fit you?
    Bruises cuts and fingernails
    You'll never hear a sound in the silence
    As you look straight down

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