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    You always seemed to speak so truthfully
    You promised that you would wait for me
    Now I think you knew that you wouldn't
    I just wish you hadn't told me over the internet

    Now it seems I've come to the end
    Of another Journey
    But you will be the one who ends up
    Being sorry

    While we were together it seems I was to loved
    By everyone else, and that boiled your blood
    If having more praise then you bothered you so much
    You’ll never be happy with anyone

    Seeing me again, will cause you to want me
    But I wont fall into your circle of insanity
    Because I dealt with you full circle
    And all you did was make me feel belittled
    Not loved nor wanted, no
    That's not your style

    You were always so beautiful
    When you looked into my eyes
    Whether I, was above you
    Or on the other side

    You made me feel
    Like every man wants to feel
    Until you destroyed my dignity
    And made me feel despised

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