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    That was a time for falling
    I knew you well.
    There was no time for calling
    Me when you fell.
    This is a time to take cover
    In a wishing well.
    Summer was blowing all over me
    When you fell.
    Sailors can take all the breathing
    Out of the sail.
    I took a trip when you needed me...
    When you fell,
    Waters were driving me
    To a deep place;
    I close my eyes to see
    Your sweet face.
    A coke inside me,
    I slept in hell...
    Angels can be so deceiving
    When they love you well.
    Did you think you would be leaving me?
    These are some lavender flowers
    In a broken shell; (I was broken)
    They comfort me ever since the day when you fell.
    When you fell,
    Waters were dancing me
    In a dark place,
    I close my eyes to see
    Your determined face,
    My secret inside me
    I slept in hell...
    This is a time for believing
    In fairy tales;
    One in which you are brought back to me.
    Wolf, I cried wolf.
    Wolf, I cried wolf.
    Wolf, I cried wolf.

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