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    It's been such a funny day  
    I don't know why  
    Walking on an endless lane  
    Life passing me by  
    Tomorrow is calling  
    But I'm dragging my feet  
    The skies are indecently clear  
    But I can't stand the heat  
    Sleepwalking in a haze  
    Stumbling like a child  
    Dragons that I used to chase  
    Tease me from inside  
    The future's uncertain  
    Just like yesterday  
    Memories of heaven  
    Can be taken away  
    You know, time flies  
    And the rebels, one day  
    They all go quiet  
    Ain't no money, ain't nobody  
    That can buy you peace of mind  
    They say you learn from your mistakes  
    It's a lie  
    My redemption has been staged  
    Numerous times  
    But the angels of passion  
    Still taunt me, in my sleep  
    They keep throwing petals and thorns  
    Underneath my feet  

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