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    MUSIC: D. Schoufs
    LYRICS: D. Schoovaerts/U. Balfe

    No dimes in your pocket
    No bills in your wallet
    No cash in the bank
    Ain't no good at all

    Honey you're not wise
    You don't realise
    People talk you know
    Guess what I've been told
    When you come home late
    That beat look on your face
    Don't tell me it's because
    You're working night and day
    I'm not blind
    I got eyes you see
    You're a mean moonshiner

    You've been seen down at Joe's
    Spending all of my dough
    Splashing bourbon and rye

    Playing randy and dandy, the game stakes are high

    Honey you're a lie
    Just a no good guy
    Phoney Romeo
    In a late late show
    When I took you home
    To mama she said
    This guy looks like
    He's got a hole in his head
    Lord protect us from evil she cried
    He's a mean moonshiner

    Honey don't you grieve
    When I take my leave
    I ain't gonna cry
    For my last goodbye
    I'm gonna take that door
    Don't care what you say
    You never did say much anyway
    I care no longer
    For the company
    Of a mean moonshiner

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