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    I sold my soul to the devil  
    The first time you kissed me  
    I mistook hell for heaven  
    The first time I let you touch me  
    Now I'm just a litte toy in your hands  
    Like many before me  
    Feels like I'm walking on a rope of sand  
    Somebody save me  
    I even cancel all my secret rendez-vous  
    To sit alone by the phone  
    Waiting to hear from you  
    My friends don't call me no more  
    Say I'm no fun  
    Ignore me when I'm round  
    Talk about me when I'me gone  
    I don't know what's gonna happen  
    To my poor soul, Lord help me  
    Mama, your little girl is crying  
    Night and day, do something for me  
    If you can

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