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    MUSIC: W. Lambregts/D. Schoufs
    LYRICS: D. Schoovaerts/U. Balfe

    Remember, the gipsy never gets lonely
    Remember, the gipsy never gets lonely

    He spends his nights doing what
    They pay him well to do
    He don't talk too much
    Won't waste no words on you
    He's the meanest cowboy in this town

    And there ain't no Susy 'round
    To nail him down

    In some back room
    He lays his cards on the table
    Whatever job he does
    They know he is able

    He's a roving rogue
    Moving from place to place
    You don't stand a chance
    To see a smile upon his face
    He wouldn't give no one
    The time of day
    When the job is done
    Just collects his pay

    Whenever you might
    Meet up with this stranger
    Better move along
    His name spells danger

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