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    See all the Night Owls when they gather  
    'neath the neon lights  
    They've been sleeping all day long,  
    now they come alive  
    See all the Night Owls when they gather,  
    dressed up to the nines  
    They're out to party and  
    they'll keep it going 'til the morning light  
    Sundown girls are posing coolly, looking so divine  
    Trying to excite and mustify  
    Sharing juicy secrets  
    'bout some man to hypnotise  
    Merry-making sisters, flashing smiles that hold the sharpness of a knife  
    Heavy Boys are watching  
    from the corner of their eyes  
    Talking of some hero's lates crime  
    Then they leave the circle  
    one by one, once in a while  
    If you want to keep it going,  
    'ain't it time that we all had another line  
    Blue-eyed boy  
    is taking Cinderella for a ride  
    Promising a glimpse of paradise  
    Come into my parlour
    says the spider to the fly  
    We'll fake the game of passion and
    ward off all the nonsense in our lives
    'Til the morning light

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