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    Chains she wears like a crown  
    For to slavery bound  
    >From the day they have met  
    Chains that she's dragging around  
    Never making a sound  
    >From the day she said 'yes'  
    Chains, to keep her tied to the ground  
    While he is slipping away  
    Queen in a glorified cage  
    With only silence to page  
    The lonely night long  
    Wait for the footsteps to fall  
    For his voice in the hall  
    Calling her name again  
    Pray for all the sweetness long gone  
    When all that's left is the pain  
    Shame that she's keeping inside  
    Hiding misery behind  
    Fancy curtains of lace  
    Vain, she's hoping in vain  
    He would kindle the flame  
    That once burned in his eyes  
    Rain that beats like time on the pane  
    When every second's the same  
    Rain that beats like time on the pane  
    When every secon's the same  
    Woman, don't bury that heart of gold  
    Behind a cold face of stone

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