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    Darling now  
    I'm gonna leave you  
    One more time  
    I shall deceive you  
    The moon is round  
    And the wolves are howling  
    On hunting ground  
    My pack is waiting  
    We will never know why  
    We were chosen by fate  
    To perform all the rites  
    That turned love into hate  
    I'll see you grin when I pass you by  
    I'll hear you curse my name  
    I won't lower my eyes  
    I won't cover my face  
    You can call me a liar  
    Try to put me to shame  
    No, I have no desire  
    To live my life in the shade  
    You strut like a lion  
    But you're a bird in a cage  
    You set the rivers on fire  
    But you got burned by the flames  
    Forever now  
    I'm gonna lose you  
    These arms of mine  
    Could never soothe you

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