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    He came back at eight  
    (And what was he saying?)  
    He said he missed his train  
    (Who do you tink he's fooling?)  
    With that look on his face  
    And those lipstick traces  
    (Yeah now, yeah now)  
    You know the other day (uhuh)  
    I saw him talking with a stranger  
    He wouldn't tell me her name (Say what?)  
    But hey got closer than closer  
    And when we walked away  
    I felt that it wasn't over  
    (Yeah now, yeah now, yeah now)  
    Well, if he's bold and untrue  
    Don't waste your youth and your time  
    The games he's playing with you  
    Are gonna mess up your mind  
    If all he does is take  
    Tell him you'll find another  
    He tried to explain  
    (And what was he saying?)  
    He said it was a mistake  
    (Do you really believe him?)  
    How could we ever be the same  
    If I no longer trust him?  
    (Yeah now, yeah now, yeah now)  
    Chorus 2x

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