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    Blind fold me
    tie me up or tie me down
    yeah take me anywhere
    keep your ears close to the ground
    listen to me,
    but don't die laughing
    All things must end yeah?
    But I can see my fate in your eyes
    as I am stitched up by my friends again
    They just can't defend
    the state of things between
    you and me
    used to be on fire
    So slip off your shackles
    you don't need them where we' re going
    see what happens just happens
    these ain't no straight lines
    in the state of things
    so try to clinch your dear life
    and don't forget the world keeps on
    turning round despite
    you and me
    used to be on fire fire
    now look now
    where we're going
    I don't know
    where I'm going
    I don't know

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