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    I'm gonna get me a bone today
    under this big blue sky.
    Under the tree where my last love laid,
    now where beneath the leaves she lies,
    I'm gonna dig a deep hole,
    crack open this bone,
    see where all the wonder went,
    see where now it's all gone...
    Look at the light, it's full of stars,
    what's really happening?
    Something wonderful,
    it's not as bad as I was told,
    to lose all that was loved,
    it's the demons who drag you down,
    but the angels pull you up...
    Don't let the colours bring you down,
    they'll get much brighter one day
    you know all things must come around
    if you leave them in their sway,
    I'm gonna save it all in these photographs,
    Keep something here for me,
    When I'm dead and gone I'll laugh last,
    at what's left here to see...

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