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    Well I can
    See you on the horizon like a
    Storm that's soon to be and is it
    So bad to be in love with a memory
    Of you, smiling back at me
    And it was subtle but it was, yeah it was subtle
    But it was sexy

    And I suppose I could tell you how I feel
    But even I can't tell if it'sreally real
    And one day I will tell you what's on my mind
    But for now I just leave it as mystery
    Soon 2 unwind, and in time, it'slike this?

    I kinda just want that kiss
    Just for the thrill or just maybe to miss
    You when you go, just so I know
    That it can and it does get better than this,
    And really love is just a hit and miss
    You walk and you jump and you sink
    It happens more than you'd think?

    And I suppose I could tell you how I feel
    But I'd rather play it cool and keep it real
    And maybe I could show you just so you could see ?
    The secret behind the mystery?

    And it'sanother one of those days
    When you'd wish it rain already
    And the sky's no ordinary shade of gray

    But you make it ok...

    Ohh yes, yes I do have a crush on you
    Cuz see your trap you know I fell right through
    With me it'salways something new

    To see..

    I should probably tell you how I feel
    But the moment was magic, it was so surreal
    And I swear one day I will let you know
    But for now, I'm gonna let you go...

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