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    My breath for you will always be
    Soft, sweet and shallow
    This body you can always use
    As your pillow
    To rest your tired head
    Those days that seem to never end
    But my love is all you need
    So don't look back again...

    When you go...away
    You know, your already so far away
    But I want you to know
    My love it here to stay
    So don't let me get in your way
    No not today...

    I can hear the rain in the wind
    It hits me like you hit me within
    And words are not needed now
    Cause you know me so well
    And that's how I can tell

    I can tell
    I can tell
    I can tell

    So go go go go
    Ohh run away
    And just know my love is here today...always

    Don't let me get in your way

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