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    I would return your calls
    But you don't call me anymore
    I could call to say hello
    But I deleted your number, long time ago

    We never talked about anything much
    Just the usual such and such
    We never talked about "you and i"
    Or why the stars hang low in the sky

    Well I might have been the one
    To give your money a little run
    But you ran as fast as you came
    And maybe I'm the one to blame

    When I see you out at night
    I will not look your way
    Didn't I play it off so well
    You looked, but my look, well it never came

    But you could have been the one
    Make me come all undone
    But you ran as fast as you came
    Maybe I'm the one to blame

    Maybe I would have done the same...

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