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    Wait for you
    I would forever
    Turn my back on you?
    I would never
    However long it may take
    That's how long I will wait
    For you...

    Maybe you just need some time alone
    Take a trip and go back home
    Think about the things that you've done
    You know you don't have to please everyone
    Around you...

    These days it's hard to find some time to get away
    Just enough to realize that everything's gonna be ok
    Take a break from it all
    Learn how to take a fall

    You should know that you've made quite an impression on me
    And there's no place that I would rather be than
    Stuck with you somewhere, anywhere
    And just because people talk, that doesn't mean you have to care

    These days it seems harder and harder to get away
    Ease my mind, clear my throat, soon enough for you to hear me say
    That I want you to know
    That I'm never gonna let you go

    When things aren't fun that's when you know you've got a problem
    But every problem was made for problem solving
    But you were never problem for me
    Except when I let you go cause I was too blind to see, the answer, right in front of me

    These days it's so hard to find the time to get away
    Take a deep breath and a step back
    Enough to see that
    Everything's working out fine
    It's only a matter of time

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