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    I went on a walk inside your head, the other day
    I couldn't believe some of the things, I heard you say cause
    I've seen the way, that you've been looking at me
    And it'sdangerous, and very intentionally

    Well we can spend the afternoon, locked in your room
    Don't act so surprised, I know what you wanna do
    Turn off my phone, cause I don't wanna hear it ring
    I know my girls be calling up, consistently

    Ohh, here we go again
    You know we thought she learned her lesson
    Ohh but I guess I didn't and
    It'd be foolish to pretend to say that, I never loved you, and ill never ever love you again

    So I was walking down the road, the other day
    I was doing just fine, daydreaming my life away
    And then, little daisy caught my eye, and said
    "I'll tell you if he loves you or not" and to my surprise
    Well I think that daisy lied, cause
    I seen the way, that you've been looking in my eyes,
    It's ohh so nice, you got me in a daze and now, how could I complain

    Ohh, no here we go again, you know I
    Thought I learned my lesson,
    But you know I never do
    And it'd be stupid to believe that
    I never loved you and that I'll never love you again

    Again, ill never love you
    Again, ill be thinking of you again
    And again, and again, and again

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