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    You know I love the way my hand fits in yours
    Cause I've been down for so long and you're my cure
    But you're driving me crazy, completely crazy
    I can't get enough, cause you amaze me
    Every time you look my way, I don't know what to say, to you...

    Now your breaking girls hearts like a habit
    Like you lost all the trust in this world
    But maybe I have it
    Tell me, what makes an ocean
    Different from a sea
    What did you loose in her, that you found in me
    So long ago, so long ago
    You set me free

    Might as well be just as scared as you are
    Cause who'd of thought we woulda made it this far
    But you've been fucked up every time
    So I guess, really you were never mine

    Cause baby
    You can't find me
    You can't deny me
    When you look at me
    You look past me
    And you lost me

    But still I love the way your eyes look in mine
    And it'stoo bad we can feel this way all the time
    Cause the breath between our lips
    When we kiss
    Is something I hope I never have to miss
    But your driving me crazy
    Completely crazy
    Every time

    I'm looking at you but your looking at her
    I guess I was blind, cause you always were
    You've already given up on me
    So long ago, so long ago, you set me free

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