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    Where's the sand, I'm sad
    My body, thumping, going pitty pat
    Gettin' tan and wet
    And when I feel the heat
    I lose control of it, oh yeah
    Oh baby, I'm feeling you
    I must admit
    Looking tight and fit
    And I imagine you and I in

    Summer bodies, shake it to the
    Music's going through ya
    Can you feel the heat, the heat
    The heat is movin' through your body
    Temperature is rising
    Can you feel the heat, the heat

    Sleeping in 'till noon
    Be naughty, put bubbles in the swimming pool
    Skinny dip for two
    And as you feel the rhythm taking hold of you
    Ooh papi, I love it when you ooh eeh ooh
    And I'm hooked, it's true
    I imagine you and I in


    Summer's almost over so you better hurry
    Andale, andale
    Starting right now let's dance and party
    Ole Ole Ole
    Give me a reason to love you through, through the season
    No need to hesitate, come on let's get it on
    Let's celebrate cuz it's

    Chorus Until Fade

    Anybody want some ice cream?

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