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    Ain't nobody ever prove their love when
    Things were all good
    And two people are smiling
    Love is found way down in the trenches
    When he's throwin a fit
    And she is sittin there crying
    We tear it up
    To patch it up
    Break up
    To make up
    The show goes round and round
    And that how we get down
    We go back and forth
    And anyone who goes through this should know
    That what i am saying is for real
    Real love is meant this way

    We say things that we don't mean
    And that's the way love works out sometimes
    He's trippin
    She's trippin
    And we both be trippin and
    That's the way love works out sometimes
    Cause when it's on it's on
    And your no longer stressin'
    And life teaches a lesson
    That love is still a blessin
    Cause when it's all said and done
    Were back at square one
    And that's the way love works out sometimes

    (Verse 2)
    What you know about screamin' yellin' 'causein' pushin' ruling and arguing
    Like it's 12 rounds up inside the garden
    I say where the hell you going
    And you say I'm getting up out of here
    And I say you ain't going no where
    Then I follow you down the stairs,
    Get in front of you and then I scream
    Sounds like I'm fussing
    Though you're still the one
    And the truth is this is really love
    And ooooh yeah
    When I feel like going off
    I know this show is up
    And you know...


    You wont believe it until you see it
    How much you need somebody
    (need somebody)
    And you'll never know how far you'll go
    When you love somebody
    (love somebody)

    Sometime we say the craziest things!

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