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    Loving you is stupid
    Cause I know that you never really loved me
    And you never gave me signs I'd see
    That you and me were ever a possibility
    And I feel so stupid
    After all the noise you left me lonely to die
    And you never gave me a reason why
    And now Im sittin all alone and I cry

    Am I stupid
    I shouldve known you were only playing a game
    And you and me would never be the same
    You made me feel like Im the one to blame
    And I feel so stupid
    After all those nights after nights that I tried
    And all those conversations of lies
    And Im sittin here all alone and Im cryin

    Im crying....

    I can't believe you never knew how I felt
    All this love and baby no one else
    Could ever love me the way that you do
    Youre all I need and you treated me so wrong
    And I can't believe it
    How could you do me like you do
    Cause Ive been so stupid for you

    Why do you do me like you do
    You baby, You darlin
    You baby, You darlin
    You don't care
    Im stupid baby, Im stupid darlin
    For you

    And Im the one played
    And Im the one left with all the shame
    Im stupid baby, Stupid darlin

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