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    Written by Toni Braxton, Keri Lewis

    Santa, please, will you help me
    'cause I'm all alone with my Christmas tree...
    See, my honey's on his way, his flight's delayed
    Can you bring him on your sleigh?
    'Cause time is going

    Slowly dragging me along...
    Santa, please bring my man home...

    Santa, please, will you help me
    'cause I'm all alone and so unhappy...
    See, I need my baby here to hold me tight
    Can you bring him here tonight?
    'cause time is going


    Santa, please, please help me

    'cause I'm all alone and I need, I need...
    Up to now I've been real good, so tell me why
    Why is time taking its time and going so


    Call Dasher, call Dancer, call Prancer,
    call Vixen...
    (Can you help me out real quick,
    it's an emergency)
    On comet, on Cupid, on Donner, on Blitzen...
    (Can you help me out St. Nick,
    'cause time is going)


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