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    I'm reaching out for you, but it's just an empty bed
    Dreamin' that you were here, oh how quickly I forget
    That You comin' through the door, is just an echo in my heart
    And I try to pretend it's over, but it never gets verified

    Cos it just don't feel right when I know you're not there
    And the sound of goodbye still follows me everywhere
    And I just can't move on, but I feel my heart stop and stare
    And the only thing I see are places you used to be

    Yeah you used to be yeah

    Took all your photographs, and I hid them all away
    But each time I close my eyes, I'm staring at your face
    I open the closet door, still a hint of your cologne
    And I try to pretend it's over, but you're everywhere I go


    I still sleep in the shirt
    You left on the chair
    I still can hear you walk up the stairs
    I still can hardly breathe
    Each time I forget
    That you're not
    Here with me


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