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    Explain to me, honestly, who is she?
    Tell me you don't love this girl
    Damn it boy, why'd you go and ruin everything
    That I been livin' for
    Is this where I'm supposed to turn my back
    Cry a tear and walk away
    Before I do, a word to you, you should know
    Know you've made a big mistake

    Why? When? Where? How? Who?
    What made you go off and do this crazy thing
    Thought I loved you good
    Loved you all I could
    Never just for a ring
    Why? When? Where? How? Who?
    What made you go off and lose your mind this time
    Treated you so good
    But you knew I would
    Never just for a ring

    Proud to say, everyday that I stayed
    Very much in love with you
    Even though I'll never know what it's like
    To hear you say the words "I do"
    So tell me, baby


    So, no more holding hands
    No kisses and no wedding plans
    Our love was just a lie
    So now, I'll go and cry
    Oh, why?

    Chorus Twice

    (Yeah, musta been damn good)
    Ad Lib Until Fade

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