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    Just for the night, could you take a hold of me?
    Tell me boy, what's it really gonna be?
    Spend the night for a while
    Daddy come close, I'm straight up feelin' your style
    I love the way you make me feel
    When you keep it real, when you're holdin' me
    When you're swollin' me, when you look sexy
    When you're touchin' me
    When you're rockin' me to sleep

    Sittin' here within my ? in the mirror
    Imagine I'm your woman
    It's luxury, and I'm feelin' all nice babe
    ?? cold, chillin' all night
    Come on over, I have to stand
    And wonder am I really gonna let him in
    Give in, give it up, let it go
    Don't tell me no

    Should I give him some?
    Is this the night for fun

    Check it out
    So here it is, and he comes right in
    And I fix the strings
    And I start to think about what I'm gonna do
    Will the brotha be true?
    As he sizes my body up and down
    Can he keep it nice, can he play it safe?
    Will he make me hot when he hit the spot that I love a lot
    Will he leave me hangin' on, desperately?

    Will he go and tell all his friends
    That we did it and we did it again
    Had me weak between the sheets
    Will he say I was a real big freak?
    Baby, I should slow it down, cool off my flow
    Lick my lips and let him know, if this..
    No no no no

    Should I give him some?
    Is this the night for fun?

    Should I just give him some?
    Is this the night for fun?

    Pretty baby
    Love me
    Like a lady

    Should I say yes or no?
    Should I just let it go?
    Should I slow down my roll?
    Let me think, oh I don't know
    Don't know what to do 'bout it baby

    If we do it, will I regret it?
    Maybe I should just forget it
    When the brotha ain't got no doe
    Tell me I should let him go

    Should I give him some?
    Pretty baby

    Maybe (baby)
    Oh oh yeah
    Yeah yeah yeah

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