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    So if that was a response, then you can call this reaction.
    So this will take us right to the point that we've been trying to get to.
    That we've all lost our minds
    And that we are straying from the subject,
    Or at least the point that I've been trying to get to.
    So what.
    I'm just taking a course in defeaning out the constant static
    That's been plaguing me for so long.
    Yes this is my response to response.
    Now go ahead with your reaction,
    And take us right to the point.
    That we were wiring our own traps,
    And then you just stepped back.
    So take us right back to the point,
    The point that we have lost all of our minds.
    I mind the thought of topics,
    That have absolutely no answers.
    So leave me out.
    Breath me in then out.

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